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Kir by Scatha-the-Worm
Added 11/7/15

Since it's been almost forever since I drew her, here's a Kir in a tree.

Kir (c) Me
HWE-Hodag by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Hodag

Aliases: Great Green Bastard

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Protective

Rank: 2 


Height: 5 meters at shoulder

Length: 9 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Horn Gouge- The Hodag can slam its curling horns through a tanks plating.

:bulletgreen:- Claws and Teeth- The claws and fangs of a Hodag are thick and sharp, and their jaw and arm muscles give them extra power.


Bullet; Blue - Tough as Nails - The Hodag is incredibly hard to damage for a Kaiju its size.  Nothing short of an explosion is going to even faze it.


Bullet; Red- Slow - The Hodag isn't very agile.  It relies heavily on stealth, which only really works in deep green forests. 


Hodags spend much of their time sleeping and only wake when hungry or something disturbs them in their lair.  


Just as the Hidebehind was about to disembowel the trapped Rhys, cackling as it slowly raised its knifeblade claws to draw out the humans terror,  two glowing points of yellow light blazed over its shoulder.

A split second later, huge jaws split apart and glistening white fangs crunched into the Hidebehind, changing the cackle into a screech that was cut off with another wet crunch and a gurgle as the huge, shaggy green beast the fangs belonged to bit down again.

The menacing Hidebehind's shadow dispersed as it disappeared into the huge mouth, giving Rhys a better view of the thing that had saved him.

It was a Hodag, of course.  It was hard to mistake it for anything else, it was bright green.

Muzzle covered in inky dark blood, the Hodag snorted at him, which translated in Rhys' head as "You are a fucking idiot." Then it turned and lumbered back into the dark treeline.


"You must be the luckiest and unluckiest son of a bitch ever to live, Rhys Green.  Did you piss off a god in another life or something, Jesus Christ."  These were the first words Joan Bowman shared with Rhys after he stumbled back into camp with Ed and Vic in tow and she viewed the footage on his personal camera.  "How the fuck are you even alive."  

She wrote something in her notes as aggressively as one can write.  "Right, you are officially paid hazard pay every and any time you ever go on one of these hunts.  Ever.  With anyone.  I'm going to make sure that happens, because it might keep your stupid ass alive and I almost like you so I'd like for you to not die."  She turned to look at them with the most unimpressed look they had ever seen, "Though I would recommend you buy some Enigma equipment instead of taking your old shotguns because, you know, I don't think they're gonna cut it."  

As they left the campsite and started back for their cars, Rhys privately thought that he wasn't going to go out again without a goddamn tank.

He wondered where he could get one.

History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

April 17th, 2034: Rhys is saved from the Hidebehind by a Hodag.


Wisconsin is still a bad place to visit if you attract monsters.  At least he's leaving now!

Art (c) Me
HWE-Hidebehind by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Hidebehind

Aliases: Shadow Demon, He Who Hides to Devour

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Hostile

Rank: 1 


Height: 3 meters at shoulder

Length: 5 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Claws and Teeth- The Hidebehind loves to use both claws and teeth to tear and rend.


Bullet; Blue - Shadow Cloaking - The Hidebehind can achieve the famous "hiding behind" by surrounding itself with writhing shadows.  When it uses this, it is almost impossible to spot in a dark area unless you are already looking at it.  It also makes the eye "miss" the monster, creating the illusion that nothing is there even if you know it is.


Bullet; Red- Bright Lights - The Hidebehind is strictly a night creature.  Even a particularly powerful flashlight will drive it back.

Bullet; Red - Soft- Hidebehinds, if they can be spotted, are susceptible to small arms fire.


Hidebehinds are vicious and wicked and take pleasure in terrorizing and striking horror in prey, typically humans, before showing itself and disemboweling them and eating them while they still live.  


Patience pays off.


He hadn't forgotten his whiskey, and Ed and Vic had only left for a minute, they were supposed to be right back.

They hadn't come back.

And the living, writhing shadows had started to leak out from behind an old dead oak.

Red slits in a face that was too long and too twisting, shadows and shade swirling around it and making it hard to even look at but he had to keep looking at it. 

He had to make sure he kept it in sight at all times.

Even the smell of whisky wouldn't keep it back for long.  It was too hungry and he was too good a prize to leave because of an irritating smell.

The glow of red eyes over a wide, wide grin filled with too many teeth.

It stepped forward.


Yellow eyes blazed open.


History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

April 19th, 2034: A Hidebehind finds Rhys alone.


Art (c) Me
HWE-Splintercat by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Splintercat

Aliases: Tree Cracker

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Protective

Rank: 2 


Height: 5 meters at shoulder

Length: 7 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Shoulder Ram- The Splintercat will preform something like a NFL shoulder tackle, ramped up and backed by hard thick scales.


Bullet; Blue - Tree Spliter -Used mainly to split trees, hence the name, like a stroke of lightning does, this move can also be a devastating blow to living targets.  The Splintercat can do this move from anywhere, but it gains power from being preformed from high vantage points.


Bullet; Red- Crap, I missed - If the Tree Spliter misses, the cat is open to attack.  

Bullet; Red - Soft- Splintercats, while bigger than most Fearsome Critters, are still susceptible to small arms fire.


Splintercats share the same territory with the more aggressive Sliver Cats, and are sometimes mistaken for them.  Since they only seem to eat hornets, wasps, bees, honey and, bizarrely, raccoons, they don't compete for prey.  Splintercats almost always win any altercation between the two.


"So, I notice you don't seem all that enthused to be here."  Joan Bowman said as she flopped next to Rhys as they ate supper the second night.  "Not that I blame you for not being excited about being eaten by things you attract, but you know, you could just stay home and avoid things with teeth."  She cocked her head to look at him from the comer of her eye,  "So....why come out?"

Rhys chewed his fire cooked stew, which was delicious, ash flecks and all, thinking of how to answer that.  "I suppose," he began after he swallowed, "that someone has to look after those two."  He nodded at Vic and Ed, who were arguing over who got the last bit in the pot, not noticing that one of the smaller scientists had already taken it as they did. 
"They've gone out alone, without me, before.  I ended up having to go out to get them after two hours because they fell into a hole because they weren't watching where they were going.  Arguing over something silly again."  He sighed.  "They're good friends and I love em, but."

Joan nodded, watching as the two in question rolled around in an impromptu wresting match.  "Yeah.  But is a good way to put that."  She stood up, brushing off her pants.  "And, I think, the fact that I imagine they would get in-between you and those things with teeth helps put you at ease.  Ya got good friends, Rhys."  She threw the last over her shoulder as she walked over to kick the wresting idiots, provoking whines.

Rhys grinned, thinking that was true enough, and missed the way the trees above and behind him shivered in a breeze that did not exist.


Good friends or not, Rhys thought, I'd still rather not be suddenly alone because they saw something and got excited.

Especially not when all he could see of the thing behind the tree were glowing red slits and a wide, wide grin.  The rest was wreathed in writhing shadows and hidden in leaves.

Fortunately, something else had been following him all day.

With a thunderclap of sound and a blur of white and grey, the tree the thing was hiding behind split up the middle and the living shadows dispersed with a dark hiss.

Only the giant cat was left standing in front of him, staring down with eyes that burned like green embers.

Good friends or not, One Who Is Touched, do not leave the smelling water in your camp, even if they have theirs.  The non-speech of Kaiju thrummed in his head, That is the only thing that will stop the One Who Hides To Devour from eating you alive.  It wants you, One Who Is Touched.  The energy that allows you to Understand also makes you a delicacy that it can not stay away from.  The huge ridged head bent to touch Rhys own.  And we who would defend you cannot always be near.  Do not stray.

And then the cat, too was gone, leaving Rhys alone again until Vic and Ed crashed back through the undergrowth a second later.

The recording from Rhys miniature camera provoked the response the Splintercat had wanted.  Rhys was no longer left alone by Vic and Ed, even for a second.


But old, dark things are patient.


History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

April 13th, 2034: An encounter with a shadowy beast provokes a rescue from a friendly Splintercat.


Wisconsin is still a bad place to visit if you attract monsters.

Art (c) Me
Sliver Cat HWE by Scatha-the-Worm
Sliver Cat HWE
Name: Sliver Cat

Aliases:  Dingmaul

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Hostile

Rank: 2 


Height: 5 meters at shoulder

Length: 10 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Tail Swipe- The thick bone plates on the tip of the thickly muscled tail will easily crush metal.


Bullet; Blue - Tail Claws -The "claws" on the other side of the flail are mobile.  They can flick open and shut to catch prey, and they also deliver a poison that causes temporary paralysis.  Even if the cat doesn't catch you with the maul, the claws will flick open and catch you on the back swipe.


Bullet; Red- Not Bright - Sliver Cats aren't that intelligent.  

Bullet; Red - Soft- Sliver Cats, while bigger than most Fearsome Critters, are still susceptible to small arms fire.


Sliver Cats are aggressive and almost always hungry, and they will eat anything they can catch.  If an ambush fails, however, they won't pursue the prey far.


After the Cactus Cat incident, where Rhys found out that sometimes, if the critter was intelligent enough, he could understand Kaiju speech.  No one really had an answer for him as to why or how.  He didn't get much chance to test this new found ability before Ed got the call.

From Wisconsin.

Why Wisconsin?  The place where psycho wolf-bear-man things tore people apart and giant white cats crushed cars?

Admittedly, that last one hadn't happened since the first time, but still.

Why would anyone want to go monster hunting in Wisconsin?

"Do you know how many of these Fearsome Critter "myths" are either mostly in Wisconsin or Minnesota?  Almost half of them, and there are a lot."

"I wish you would stop using air quotes when you talk."

Ed heaved a sigh, "Look, Rhys, this lady here is an actual real scientist.  Like, she's certified for this sort of thing and everything!  All she wants is for us to go out with her research group and look for this thing called a....what was the damn thing called again?"

Vic piped up from down the hall where he was already cheerfully packing,  "Hodag, Ed."

"Yeah yeah, a Hodag!  You finding those other critters really made her curious if her own state's monsters were real after all.  This group is looking for the Hodag but anything we find is good as well.  Even if we don't spot the thing they are after, after a week we get paid and we leave.  Easy, yeah?  And you can talk to 'em, so you could maybe ask them not to eat us!"

Rhys stared at his friend in despair.  "Ed, I don't think they care if I can talk to them, they're going to eat what they want."

"Well you could try!"

Head in his hands, Rhys just groaned and agreed to go to goddamn Wisconsin.


Joan Bowman was the name of Ed's "Scientist Lady."  When the short blonde stepped out of her car at the edge of the thick protected forest they were searching,  she didn't look like the type who would do this sort of field work.  

Then she hauled all of her supplies for three miles and wasn't even winded, and set up her tent and had shit going before he even caught his breath.

"Don't go off without someone else, especially at night."  Was the first thing she said to him beyond the greetings and introductions they had exchanged.  "And take this with you at all times."  She handed them all a bottle of amber liquid.

Ed opened his bottle and reared back at the smell.  "Jeeez, if you were going to give up booze why did you get this gut-rot?"

"It's not for drinking, that's why."  She looked perfectly serious when she said this, "If things like the Whinntosser can be real, then the Hidebehind might be as well."

"Hidebehind?  I thought it was a Hodag."

Joan stared at Ed the way Rhys did, and he immediately felt a kinship with her.

She dealt with it with about as much sarcasm, too.  "Did you seriously bring your friend, who attracts monsters, into the woods looking for things you don't even know about?"


"God fucking damnit."

She rolled her eyes up towards the tree tops and bit out, "Hidebehinds, if the stories are true, can conceal themselves behind a person and no matter how much you turn around you never see them until they disembowel you and eat your guts.  While you are still alive."  She looked back at Ed and said slowly, "Only they don't like the smell of booze."

"Ohhhh, I get it!"

"Thank fucking God."


Turns out, the Hidebehind wasn't the thing they needed to worry about first.  When a thick, spiked club of bone and fur swung down through the trees and barely missed his head, Rhys had a second to process what had happened before Joan kicked his knees out from behind him and yelled, "Duck stupid!" and claws the size of his goddamn forearm were whistling back at him.

He looked up and caught the glimpse of furious glowing red eyes before the thing hissed and slunk back into the tree tops and disappeared.

Joan looked after it until they were sure it was gone, and turned back to Rhys.  "I should have brought you a suit of fucking armor."


History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

April 11th, 2034: Rhys goes to Wisconsin, almost gets eaten again.

Wisconsin is a bad place to visit if you attract monsters.

Art (c) Me


Scatha-the-Worm's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a little antisocial, would rather read or draw than watch TV, and I like what I like and don't care if you like that or not.

And I like dragons and monsters. A lot.

Favourite genre of music: Don't have one. I like most anything.
Alright, who's up for another Jousting Tournament?  My grandmother has died and I had to put my cat to sleep.  I don't know if I'm up to doing this at this time.  Sorry everyone; I will leave this Journal and all the entries until I feel I can put my all into this.


:bulletblue: 1.  Each Jouster must provide an illustration of their Mount and their Jouster.  This can be as fancy and detailed as you like, OR it can be a simple stick figure and a silhouette.  This is needed for scale for both the mount and jouster.  If you do just draw a stick figure, please do provide a description of what they actually look like in as much detail as possible.  Encouraged but not necessary is a description of the Jousting teams background, personalities, things like that.

:bulletgreen: 2. Each Joust round is picked randomly from the contestant pool.  Every round the Mount and Jouster gets a pool of 100 points, and each round the other Jousters not involved in the current round have 5 points to spend either HURTING or HEALING the two contenders.  These may be spent anyway they wish.  After those points are tallied, the two Jousters in the round will go to a dice rolling site I will link to them, roll THREE times, then NOTE me the results.  These are the three "Runs".  The roll will determine who "Wins" the Run, and how many points they knock off their opponent. For example, if Mount A rolls a 10 and Mount B rolls a 15, B wins and A loses 5 points. These points will be subtracted from the 100 point pool, along with the results of the Hurt/Heal, and the Jouster who has the most points remaining wins the round.

:bulletred: 3.  There will be no whining if you lose, and no gloating if you win.  This is a contest for fun and will remain that way.

:bulletpurple: 4.  The overall winner will receive a picture of their Mount and Jouster with a background of their choosing, plus another picture of whatever they want.  Places 4 through 2 will receive a full color picture of their Mount and Jouster. Every Jouster will get a sketched B&W of their Mount and Jouster.

:bulletyellow: 5.  The Mount MUST BE a mythical creature from an actual, Earth mythology.  It doesn't have to look EXACTLY like any known picture of the thing, but it must be an actual creature.  Nothing from Star Wars or shit like that, alright?  It is encouraged but not necessary to provide a link to a wiki article or other such thing so we can all learn about neat monsters.  Cryptids are acceptable.

Alright, lets set it at a month from now to come up with your Mounts and then the Tourny starts!

Let's Joust!


Well if it's gonna do it on it's own I might as well take advantage.


Mature Content

Joust: Team Ayakashi w/ story by SirKaijuOfVaudeville
by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

Joust Team Frederick by ScarletSpike  by ScarletSpike

Joust: Team Giant with story by AkityMH by AkityMH
Joust Contest Entry: Luck and Strength by Ravensaurs-Rex by Ravensaurs-Rex 

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Joust: Team Gottrdammerung by Danzilla1996 by Danzilla1996

Attempted Joust Entry by BlakerOats  by BlakerOats  

Joust entry by Dinoboy134  by Dinoboy134

A New Joust Entrant by OperaGhost21  by OperaGhost21
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