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HWE- Tzeltal by Scatha-the-Worm
HWE- Tzeltal
Name: Tzeltal

Aliases: Fang Face, That Old Furry Bastard, Tetz

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Hostile

Rank: 3


Height: 7 meters while not reared up, 15 meters while reared

Length: 30 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Horn Gouge- Tzeltal's horns can rip through most Kaiju and metal plating with ease

Bullet; Green- Teeth- Tzeltal's fangs, while not poisonous, are sharp and strong and his bite is quite nasty.


Bullet; Blue - Ice Breath - Tzeltal can breath a glowing cloud of freezing cold particles and air, which will freeze flesh and ice over whatever it touches.

:bulletblue: - Flare Flash - Tzeltal can increase the intensity of his bioluminecence to unbearable levels, temporarily blinding and disorienting his foes.


Bullet; Red- Cold is Bad for Reptiles - His own Ice Breath, if used too often, will lower his core temperature and make him sluggish. 


Tzeltal is a grumpy old serpent who dislikes but doesn't outright hate humans.  He doesn't hate anyone, he just dislikes everyone to an antisocial degree.  He wants most to be left alone and for other Kaiju to stay away from his territory on Lake Michigan.  He does, however, have a sense of humor, often in the form of pranks.   He takes great delight in icing over bridges or creating waves over roads that he freezes in mid swell, blocking highways for days as it slowly melts.


There was a lot of shit a person had to put up with in winter when they lived in northern Michigan, but this was a new one.  

Typically ice was a problem, but not 10 foot walls of it across a state highway.

"You know, now that magic monsters and shit are a thing, I'm pretty sure I know how this happened, but why is a different thing."  Steve Bloom said, surprisingly calmly as he stared at the impossible wall in front of him.  "Another good question is what the fuck am I supposed to do about it?  Salt ain't gonna do shit to that."

"Well, probably not?  I was hoping you would have at least some ideas, though."  Scott Matthews replied softly, shifting in his wet boots.  "We aren't really equipped to do anything about this, but it's a state highway.  Road crews wanted to see if you would let them just dynamite it or something."

Steve slapped his hands to his face and sighed.  "Yes, ok, let's try that.  This sounds like a terrific idea, but what else are we supposed to do?  There's a goddamn ten mile line."

Scott nodded uneasily and turned to tell the road crew to go ahead, but a hissing noise from the huge lake beside the highway made him pause and turn to an equally spooked Steve.  They both turned towards the noise and almost had a heart attack at the sight of glowing eyes and curling horns set in a scaled and furred face.  Thick teeth flashed at them as the huge head lifted farther from the water and looked down at them, then at the wall of ice and the line of cars.  The black furred body didn't lift completely from the water, but a long tail thrashed and they caught glimpses of a fin on the end and dazzling yellow spots dotting the length of it.

Looking over the huge line of cars and the humans now scrambling out of their cars and slipping on the ice on the road, the snakelike face seemed to grin, in the shit eating way someone grins when they have done something to piss someone off and that delights them beyond reason.  An odd sound, like a hiss and a gulping, came from the open mouth and the both abruptly realized the bastard was laughing.

They both cursed and hit the dirt when the Kaiju lifted his tail from the water and smashed the wall directly down the middle, leaving just enough room for two cars to pass before it submerged itself completely, gulping hissing laughter still coming from it's mouth.  

They watched the glowing outline of the monster disappear slowly as it dove deeper, then Steve sighed.


The horns adorning his head earned the snake a name shortly after.  Named for a mythical Horned Serpent, Tzeltal was spotted several more times, always peering from the water in semi-malicious glee as his annoying pranks inconvenienced thousands.

History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

March 20th, 2034: Tzeltal finally wakes from a long sleep, and sets out to piss off people immediately. 

Grumpy snake.

Tzeltal (c) Me
Kir by Scatha-the-Worm
Added 11/7/15

Since it's been almost forever since I drew her, here's a Kir in a tree.

Kir (c) Me
HWE-Hodag by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Hodag

Aliases: Great Green Bastard

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Protective

Rank: 2 


Height: 5 meters at shoulder

Length: 9 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Horn Gouge- The Hodag can slam its curling horns through a tanks plating.

:bulletgreen:- Claws and Teeth- The claws and fangs of a Hodag are thick and sharp, and their jaw and arm muscles give them extra power.


Bullet; Blue - Tough as Nails - The Hodag is incredibly hard to damage for a Kaiju its size.  Nothing short of an explosion is going to even faze it.


Bullet; Red- Slow - The Hodag isn't very agile.  It relies heavily on stealth, which only really works in deep green forests. 


Hodags spend much of their time sleeping and only wake when hungry or something disturbs them in their lair.  


Just as the Hidebehind was about to disembowel the trapped Rhys, cackling as it slowly raised its knifeblade claws to draw out the humans terror,  two glowing points of yellow light blazed over its shoulder.

A split second later, huge jaws split apart and glistening white fangs crunched into the Hidebehind, changing the cackle into a screech that was cut off with another wet crunch and a gurgle as the huge, shaggy green beast the fangs belonged to bit down again.

The menacing Hidebehind's shadow dispersed as it disappeared into the huge mouth, giving Rhys a better view of the thing that had saved him.

It was a Hodag, of course.  It was hard to mistake it for anything else, it was bright green.

Muzzle covered in inky dark blood, the Hodag snorted at him, which translated in Rhys' head as "You are a fucking idiot." Then it turned and lumbered back into the dark treeline.


"You must be the luckiest and unluckiest son of a bitch ever to live, Rhys Green.  Did you piss off a god in another life or something, Jesus Christ."  These were the first words Joan Bowman shared with Rhys after he stumbled back into camp with Ed and Vic in tow and she viewed the footage on his personal camera.  "How the fuck are you even alive."  

She wrote something in her notes as aggressively as one can write.  "Right, you are officially paid hazard pay every and any time you ever go on one of these hunts.  Ever.  With anyone.  I'm going to make sure that happens, because it might keep your stupid ass alive and I almost like you so I'd like for you to not die."  She turned to look at them with the most unimpressed look they had ever seen, "Though I would recommend you buy some Enigma equipment instead of taking your old shotguns because, you know, I don't think they're gonna cut it."  

As they left the campsite and started back for their cars, Rhys privately thought that he wasn't going to go out again without a goddamn tank.

He wondered where he could get one.

History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

April 17th, 2034: Rhys is saved from the Hidebehind by a Hodag.


Wisconsin is still a bad place to visit if you attract monsters.  At least he's leaving now!

Art (c) Me


Scatha-the-Worm's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a little antisocial, would rather read or draw than watch TV, and I like what I like and don't care if you like that or not.

And I like dragons and monsters. A lot.

Favourite genre of music: Don't have one. I like most anything.

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