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HWE-Whintosser by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Whintosser

Aliases:  WHAT THE #$%^ 

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Hostile

Rank: 1 


Height: 3.5 meters at shoulder

Length: 6 meters 

Weight: Moderate


Bullet; Green -Well Armed- Having six arms and six legs all tipped with claws makes the Whintosser very dangerous from any angle.

Bullet; Green -Walk where I wanna walk- The Whintosser can literally walk wherever it wants to go, even up the side of a shear cliff.


:bulletblue: - Head Spin - The Whintosser's head is on a swivel, and it can spin at a blistering rate.  If wa Whintosser bites, it will spin it's head and rip whatever it has apart.


Bullet; Red- Hot Head - Whintossers are easily enraged, and while enraged it is hard for them to concentrate.

:bulletred: - TUBES - Whintossers will get trapped in any long round tube, stuck spinning around as all of it's limbs try to walk at once.  If trapped long enough, it will die of exaustion.


Whintossers are just as mean and nasty as Agropelters, only there can be an entire pack of them at once.  They are usually content to leave people alone as long as they are left alone as well, but if any human comes within the range of their territory, they will immediately set out to murder them.  They are highly aggressive and hard to kill.


Rhys was fairly happy with life at the moment.  Ed had payed for his windshield and stopped asking him to go out looking for weird shit for quite a while.  He didn't stop, of course, but Rhys doubted he ever would; he was too curious and determined to let something like real monsters go.  Rhys couldn't blame him, really; attempted murder aside, it was pretty damn cool.

He still liked not being dead more than he liked looking for cool critters, though, so he was content to sit out while Ed and Vic went looking.

Then Ed had to ruin it.

"Look, Rhys, I know you don't want to go and I know you have a good reason, but we just can't find anything!" Ed looked incredibly frustrated, which always made Rhys giggle to himself because he looked like a confused dog.  "I dunno, man.  We need another man looking, two just don't cut it.  We can't cover enough ground!"

"Maybe we should leave the ground uncovered and whatever is there that thinks my skinny ass is delicious alone, Ed.  That sounds like a better plan."  Rhys ground out, unimpressed.  "You want me to go out because you have some strange idea that I attract monsters.  You want bait."

Ed at least had the grace to look sheepish, but only for a moment.  His friends were dicks.

"Come on, Rhys, I know I'm not wrong about this.  There's something about you that these things like.  And I don't mean for dinner!" Ed cut off Rhys' incredulous shout, "I mean that they only seem to show themselves to anyone when you are there.  I'm serious, some other people went out a month ago, to the same exact place we saw that Agropelter," here Rhys twitched as he always did when the branch flinging little fuck was mentioned, "and they saw nothing, Rhys, nothing.  They heard somethings that could have been it, but it didn't show."  Ed did the stupid thing with his face that made him look five years old, " Please, Rhys, I know there's something there, but I need your help to find it!"

Sighing, Rhys gave in.  "Fine, I will go with this weekend.  IF anything even looks at me funny, even a friggin' chipmunk, I am leaving.  Leaving, Ed, got it?"

Ed whooped and hugged his friend, and Rhys wondered, once again, why he was friends with this idiot.

He was wondering it again now, as he stared at the....the THING in front of him.  Again, the vet side of him was gibbering in rage at the sheer 'Fuck you, anatomy!' this thing exuded by existing.

It was also stuck in a culvert after chasing him into it.  It couldn't get out, mainly because it was spinning around and around, like a demented washing machine.  

Three sets of legs all working at the same time in a round tube didn't work well, apparently.

It was still pretty fucking scary, though, even if it clearly couldn't get him.   It's head was spinning at an alarming rate and the glowing eyes made a strange, blurred circle of light around it's face.  It was also screaming.

Yeah, he was going home now.

"Ed, I'm going home now.  I'm going home now and you are not going to ask me to come out with you for at least a month."  He glared at Vic.  "And you are not even going to let him think about asking before that, got it?"  He pointed at the spinning demon thing in the culvert, "Because that just chased me through the woods, and I am only here and not there being eaten by a fucking triangle dog from the depths of hell because it can't handle round enclosures."

Ed nodded and didn't say a word.  Vic tilted his head, though, and said smirking, "Yeah ok Rhys.  At least we know that Ed was right now, and you are a magnent for monsters."

"Go fuck yourself, Vic."

History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

December 10th, 2033: Same three morons go back out in the woods and manage to capture a Whintosser by sheer luck.


Demon dogs don't like tubes, guys.

Art (c) Me
HWE-Agropelter by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Agropelter

Aliases: That swingging bastard Ape

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Hostile

Rank: 1 


Height: 4.5 standing straight

Length: 5 meters 

Weight: Lightweight


Bullet; Green -Elastic Limbs- The long, boneless arms are highly elastic and flexible, and terrifically strong.

:bulletgreen: -Bullet Throw- Anything that ends up in an Agropelters hands can be turned into a deadly missile, and they are very accurate.


Bullet; Red- Small and Soft-Agropelters share the same weakness with the other small Fearsome Critters.  They are fairly easily taken down with small firearms.

Bullet; Red- Hot Head - Agropelters are easily enraged, and while enraged it is hard for them to concentrate.


Agropelters are mean, angry, solitary little cusses.  They do not like much of anything or anyone, except for throwing things at people.  That makes them happy most of the time.


After he encountered two Kaiju in one day, no matter how small or indifferent to him they were, Rhys Green wanted nothing more than to stay home for a couple months or so and not go looking for weird shit.

Unfortunately, his friends were assholes.

"Come on, Rhys, you always wanted to go with before!  Why don't you want to go now that we might actually find something?"

Rhys stared at Ed Park, his supposed best friend, and wanted to hit him.  "Possibly," he began, with all the sarcasam he could muster, "because I already have found something, and was lucky not to be eaten.  I like not being dead, Eddy."

"Oh bull, you'll be fine!" Ed slapped Rhys' shoulder, which hurt considering he was about a foot taller and at least 10 pounds of muscle heavier than Rhys.  "Me an' Vic have shotguns, and we have a rifle for you, just in case.  You ain't gonna be eaten if I can help it!"

"You can help it, you can help it by not taking me into the monster infested woods, Ed!"

"Rhys, we'll be as careful as we possibly can." Vic Rhodes, his other asshole friend who was plotting to get him disembowled by some horrible creature, said in his steady voice.  "We really aren't hunting for these things, you know.  We really will just snap some pictures and video, if we see anything at all.  We will all have camo on, and we won't go poking anything that shouldn't be poked; Ed that was directed at you."

Rhys looked from one to the other, finally sighing in agrivation.  "Fine, you fucking assholes.  I better get flowers at my funeral."


He wasn't going to get flowers at his funeral, because these two fucking morons had dragged him into the forest and they had agrivated the locals because goddamn ED had to poke it.</i>

"I hate you Ed!  Hate you so much!"

"Use your breath to run, Rhys, kill Ed later!"

A thick branch whistled past Rhys' head, provoking another bizarre noise.

Ed, running as best he could while recording the ape-like monster swinging through the trees after them, whipping whatever came to hand at them, howled out "I'm sorry, guys!"

"We don't fucking care Ed! This is why we don't poke things!"

A hooting cackle followed by another branch crashing past them seemed to agree that the poking hadn't been appreciated.

Luckily, the creature lost interest as soon as they cleared the trees, though it did make sure to throw a branch through their windshield when they scrambled into Rhys' jeep.

He stared at the sharp, broken end of it, inches away from his nose, and turned to glare at Ed.

"You are paying for this, Ed."


Eds video provided a name for the creature, an Agropelter, and hilarity for the internet.

History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

Novemeber 19th, 2033: Three morons go out into the woods and find an Agropelter.  One moron videos it after pissing it off.


Remember not to poke things, guys.

Art (c) Me
HWE-Roperite by Scatha-the-Worm
Name: Roperite

Aliases: O'l Lasso Face

Factions: More information available at a later date. 

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

Rank: 1 


Height: 2.5 meters at head

Length: 4 meters including tail and lasso

Weight: Lightweight


Bullet; Green -Elastic Lasso- The flexible fleshy tentacle that extends from its snout is slightly elastic, able to stretch farther than it seems able to to snag prey or enemies and bring them to its mouth for a killing bite.


Bullet; Blue - Terrifying Rattle - The rattle on its tail causes a sense of unreasonable terror in weaker willed animals, monsters, and humans, and will cause those individuals to flee. 


Bullet; Red- Small and Soft-Roperites share the same weakness with the other small Fearsome Critters.  They are fairly easily taken down with small firearms.

Bullet; Red- Scatterbrained - Roperties are easily distracted by strange smells, sights, or similar interesting input. 


Roperites are strange, fast little monsters that live mostly in the scrublands and deserts.  It shares its territory with several other Fearsome Critters, including the Tripodero.  It will eat the ones that are smaller than itself, but leaves the larger and similar sized Critters alone unless provoked.  They will grab at humans with their lasso, but as they don't seem interested in causing harm, this might just be curiosity.


Rhys Green stared at the retreating figure of the strange, telepod monster and decided that he didn't feel much like hiking anymore.  Making sure the pictures he had snapped had actually come out clear and the short video was good, he turned around and started the relatively short trek back to his jeep.  He still felt a little numb from staring directly into the strange face of the equally strange creature, but it hadn't hurt him and he hadn't ever been particularly shaken by things that did him no harm.

Halfway to his car, he heard a rustle in the scrub behind him.

He froze, hoping it was just the indifferent if bizarre monster from before, and slowly turned around.  He got about halfway through the turn when a thick, grey striped...something, wrapped around his chest and yanked him up off his feet.

He would deny, again, the strange squealing noise he made.

He dangled in the air about a foot or so off the ground, flailing his legs and arms, and heard a weird, high pitched gurgling noise.  It almost sounded surprised.  Then he was turned in the air to face the owner of the tentacle around him.

Standing taller than him but not by much, shorter than the last creature, was something that looked like a chicken on steroids.  The fleshy tentacle was attached to a slightly lizard-like face, surrounded by a bright yellow crest of long feathers.  The rest of its body was covered in brownish and cream colored fuzzy down, right up to it's long legs and bare tail, ended by three sharp claws and a long black rattle, respectively.

The thing tilted its head at him, turning him this way and that and looking at him from all angles, before it gave a short, wavering warble, and abruptly dropped him on his ass.

Sitting on the sandy ground, Rhys watched as the tentacle curled up, a bit like a very, very long elephant trunk, the short arms flapped like useless wings a few times, and the creature turned away from him and strutted away, seemingly bored of him now.

He didn't have the presence of mind to get pictures of this one, since at this time he was quite done with being outside for the day and bolted for his jeep and broke several traffic laws driving home, but the description was enough to get a name.  Roperite, another impossible, improbable Fearsome Critter.  

He seemed to be a Fearsome Critter magnet.

History: More information at a later date. 

Important Dates: 

Novemeber 5th, 2033: An encounter with a Roperite directly after an encounter with a Tripodero almost gives Rhys Green a heart attack, but delights the fledgeling online Kaijuology sect.


Rhys had a bad day.

Roperite, Art (c) Me
HWE- Tripodero by Scatha-the-Worm
HWE- Tripodero
Name: Tripodero

Aliases: Weird SOB, What the $%^& is that?!, Bob.

Factions: More information available at a later date.

Status:  -Active throughout recent history, 100's of years back at least.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Rank: 1


Height: 3 meters at head, legs extended

Length: 5 meters including tail

Weight: Lightweight


:bulletgreen: -Tail Swipe-The Tripodero's thick powerful tail can be used as a formidable bludgeon.


:bulletblue: - Stone Spit- The red pouches along the sides of the neck are used to hold smoothed rocks, which it can spit at extreme velocity at prey, usually with enough force to act almost as effectively as a bullet.


:bulletred:- Small and Soft-Tripodero's are actually very small for kaiju, barely even big enough to be considered one.  They are very vulnerable to other monsters, and to humans as well.  A good shotgun could take one out.

:bulletred:-Shy-Tripodero's are very timid, and will often back away from a challenge.


Tripodero's are very shy, small monsters who roam desert areas and the low scrublands of some mountain ranges.  Able to extend or retract their strange legs at will, they will often sneak through tall grasses on their bellies, almost like a snake. Then when it is close enough, it will extend it's legs to see over the grass, take aim at a prey animal, and shoot a rock directly at the animals head.  It is almost always pinpoint accurate.


Strange things were lurking out of every corner of the world, with more and more bizarre things being seen and reported, and still somehow Rhys Green was surprised when he came face to face with...whatever the hell this thing in front of him was.

To be fair, he hadn't even gone looking for it this time.

He had gone out looking before, of course, being a veterinarian/part time cryptid seeker, but he'd never actually expected to find anything.  Just vaguely hoping.  This...didn't look like any cryptid he'd ever gone looking for, though.

Sort of like a snake with the strangest goddamn legs he'd ever seen.  The vet part of him was almost offended that anatomy like that could even exist.

The best part was it's mouth didn't even open all the way to the back of it's head.  Only the front part, a small bit in comparison to the length of head, was opening to eat the raccoon it had just shot.  In the head.

With a fucking rock out of it's mouth, what was this, Pokemon?

Still, he had his camera phone, and it didn't seem interested in him at all beyond the head tilting glance it had given him after he had squealed in shock.  So he took a few pictures and posted them on the internet chat rooms that had cropped up after the world discovered that, yes, monsters are real and they are really friggin' big.

He was told that it looked like a Tripodero, a monster that not even cryptid experts had even considered as a possibly real thing, and they had believed in trees that ate people.

Now he was really worried about the trees.

History: More information at a later date.

Important Dates:

Novemeber 5th, 2033: An encounter with a Tripodero freaks out the fledgling online  Kaijuology sect.

Nothing like taking a walk and finding something that isn't supposed to exist, yeah?

Tripodero (c) Me
Rhys Green also (c) Me
HWE File- Mizhipishew by Scatha-the-Worm
HWE File- Mizhipishew

Name: Mishipishew.

 Mizzy, The Great Lynx, That Damn Cat

 More information available at a later date.

  -Active throughout recent history, 1000 of years back at least.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Height: 15 meters at shoulder

Length: 50 meters including tail

Weight: -Normal


:bulletgreen: Claws, Fangs, Spikes-Any one of these weapons will easily pierce and slice apart any foe.

:bulletgreen: Speed and Cunning-Mizzy is fairly strong, but his greatest strengths lie in his quick moves and quicker thinking.

:bulletgreen: Fearless-Mizzy will never back down from a fight, and won’t stop fighting until he or his enemy is defeated.



:bulletblue: Thunderbreath- Bursts of bright blue lightning sear through foes. This has limited uses-three consecutive bursts before he needs to take fifteen minutes to recharge just one, very weak shot-and is mostly utilized to turn the tide of a battle when his brute force, claws, teeth and speed just won’t cut it.

:bulletblue: Shocking Bite- Electricity is run through his fangs into a foe. This has no limit to the usage like the breath, and is used much more often.

:bulletblue: Overload- The last last resort move, Overload will charge his entire body with electricity, making any touch to a foe deadly-but it drains Mizzy’s energy very quickly and effectively “burns” him out after he uses it. He will not be able to fight at all afterwards.


:bulletred: Stamina-While he is very strong and fast, Mizzy isn’t built for very long fights. If he cannot pace himself or end the fight quickly, he will tire faster than most Kaiju.

:bulletred: Lightly Armored-His hide isn’t as impenetrable as most Kaiju. Heavier human Military will hurt him more than others.

:bulletred: Recovery Time-His lightning breath takes a long time to charge back to full power after he uses it all-two full days before all shots are back at full strength.

:bulletred:-Stubborn-Once he begins a battle in earnest, he will fight until his opponent retreats, or he or his opponent can not fight anymore.

Personality: Mishipishew is fairly laid back and could almost be considered lazy, but when he needs to he can rip through foes like a hurricane of claws and teeth.  He prefers to get up close and personal in fights, saving his powerful lightning bolts for the truly clutch moments.  Like most cats, if he likes you he likes you quite a bit, and if he doesn’t like you…well.  It’s hard to change a cats mind.

Bio Text: 

 “….still reports coming in on the damaged tolls from the three rampages of these strange, giant creatures.  A fourth was sighted, this one some sort of snake-like monster, and the death toll from just that…”

The radio turned off with a snap and an offended shout of “Hey!”  The irritated teenager slapped his friend on the arm.  “I was listening to that shit!”

Said friend hit back, a bit harder according to the yelp he received.  “I just want to enjoy the beach and not hear about death, ok?  If you can’t turn on some music just leave it off,  Jesus.”

With a sulking air of moral offence that only a teenager can achieve, Oliver Pearce slumped back onto his beach towel with a sigh.  ‘Fine, dude.  Remain ignorant of what’s happening in the world and continue to cook yourself in the sun.”

‘I will, thank you.”  Ben Thomson snarked back as he did, indeed, go back to his tanning.  “I mean, sure, giant monsters and stuff.  Sorta awesome unless you don’t like dying.”  He turned to eye his friend in the most condescending manner a person can, “but we live in Wisconsin, dude.  Nothing is going to happen here, nothing ever happens here.”

Of course, that was exactly the moment they noticed the other beach go-ers were starting to panic.

Confused, the two turned towards the wide expanse of Lake Superior, and immediately Ben felt like he might have been just a tad wrong.

Four thick, golden colored spikes were cutting through the water towards shore like a row of shark fins, a bow wave rushing ahead of them and pulling water away from the beach.

Happily enough, Oliver didn’t have time to call him on it, as they were both a bit busy running for their car, and the only sound either could utter was a steady stream of profanity.
Just as they slammed their doors and started to back up as fast as they could out of the parking lot, the spikes paused and the water stopped pulling away from shore.  Then the spikes started to rise and reveal what they were attached to.

Brilliant white fur, spotted and striped with sparkling copper, the four spikes turned into a row down a long, sleek back.  A head rose out of the water next, crowned with golden antler-like horns and long copper colored ears.  Green eyes glowing out of a cat like face, the huge monster waded ashore, towering over the short trees bordering the beach area, long spiked tail swaying behind it lazily.

“Holy fucking shit!”

Was the most appropriate response to the sight that either teen could think of.

They were halfway out of the picnic area and were doing the best they could to get out onto the highway, but the other drivers noticed the giant cat creature staring down at them, and understandably panicked a little.  Cars piled up and ran off the road, people in the rest area across the highway began to run into the trees trying to hide.  It was a bit of a mess.  
They took the only option they had at the time and floored it across the highway to the rest area and slammed to a stop.

By this time, the monster had started to step through the trees, plowing through them, a few of the empty parked cars, and a small building that happened to be in the path.  Thick claws, with bright blue scales running up the legs from them, left gouges in blacktop and cement as it crunched over abandoned cars.

Unfortunately for our two idiots, it was walking directly towards their car.  As soon as they realized this, they began fumbling to get out of the car, but the strides of the giant cat brought it directly upon them before they could even open the doors.  I giant paw started to descend on them, and Oliver squealed in terror.

And then the paw paused in midair, then set down next to the drivers side door.

Ben stared out the window as the giant head descended to peer into his window, glowing and staring directly at him.  The eye itself had to be the size of the windshield., and it was focused on him.

He denies what may or may not have happened as a result of this fright.

The huge eye blinked and the enormous mouth opened a fraction.  A wuffling sound accompanied the head pulling away and the huge creature began padding forward again, with a marked difference.  It now avoided stepping on cars and tried not to damage buildings too badly.  It continued on its way into the forest where the vast green of it almost swallowed it up but for the swaying of the trees as the monster pushed its way through them.

Ben and Oliver were still sitting, stunned and a little dumbstruck, when it returned nearly fifteen minutes later with a large black bear dangling from it’s mouth.  Once again, it stepped directly over them, crunched back over the empty, though car strewn highway, and slid back into the deep waters of the lake.

It took another fifteen minutes for Oliver to finally gain back enough wits to speak again.

“Damn, I should have gotten that on my phone.”

Ben hit him again.

Reporters took to calling the monster, later confirmed as a male, Mishipishew after a Native American myth that he fit almost to a T.  Finding this name to be hard to say and very long, most people shortened it to Mizzy.  Mishipishew caused no deaths and minimal damage on this first sighting, and any other time he surfaced from the lake, he took care to avoid stepping on cars, though he still plowed through bridges, overpasses and the like that were in his way.  He seems ambivalent towards humanity, not wishing harm on them or particularly caring that they are around.  It is speculated that he will not attack unless provoked, and that he can respond to a threat quite well.

History: More information at a later date.

Important Dates:

June 3rd, 2033: Mishipishew emerges from Lake Superiors southern shore.  His initial appearance startles and panics all who see him, but he is surprisingly docile and non-threatening. 

First file for the all new group, risen from the ashes of the old KAS!

Mizzy (c) Me



Scatha-the-Worm's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a little antisocial, would rather read or draw than watch TV, and I like what I like and don't care if you like that or not.

And I like dragons and monsters. A lot.

Favourite genre of music: Don't have one. I like most anything.
Alright, who's up for another Jousting Tournament?  My grandmother has died and I had to put my cat to sleep.  I don't know if I'm up to doing this at this time.  Sorry everyone; I will leave this Journal and all the entries until I feel I can put my all into this.


:bulletblue: 1.  Each Jouster must provide an illustration of their Mount and their Jouster.  This can be as fancy and detailed as you like, OR it can be a simple stick figure and a silhouette.  This is needed for scale for both the mount and jouster.  If you do just draw a stick figure, please do provide a description of what they actually look like in as much detail as possible.  Encouraged but not necessary is a description of the Jousting teams background, personalities, things like that.

:bulletgreen: 2. Each Joust round is picked randomly from the contestant pool.  Every round the Mount and Jouster gets a pool of 100 points, and each round the other Jousters not involved in the current round have 5 points to spend either HURTING or HEALING the two contenders.  These may be spent anyway they wish.  After those points are tallied, the two Jousters in the round will go to a dice rolling site I will link to them, roll THREE times, then NOTE me the results.  These are the three "Runs".  The roll will determine who "Wins" the Run, and how many points they knock off their opponent. For example, if Mount A rolls a 10 and Mount B rolls a 15, B wins and A loses 5 points. These points will be subtracted from the 100 point pool, along with the results of the Hurt/Heal, and the Jouster who has the most points remaining wins the round.

:bulletred: 3.  There will be no whining if you lose, and no gloating if you win.  This is a contest for fun and will remain that way.

:bulletpurple: 4.  The overall winner will receive a picture of their Mount and Jouster with a background of their choosing, plus another picture of whatever they want.  Places 4 through 2 will receive a full color picture of their Mount and Jouster. Every Jouster will get a sketched B&W of their Mount and Jouster.

:bulletyellow: 5.  The Mount MUST BE a mythical creature from an actual, Earth mythology.  It doesn't have to look EXACTLY like any known picture of the thing, but it must be an actual creature.  Nothing from Star Wars or shit like that, alright?  It is encouraged but not necessary to provide a link to a wiki article or other such thing so we can all learn about neat monsters.  Cryptids are acceptable.

Alright, lets set it at a month from now to come up with your Mounts and then the Tourny starts!

Let's Joust!


Well if it's gonna do it on it's own I might as well take advantage.


Mature Content

Joust: Team Ayakashi w/ story by SirKaijuOfVaudeville
by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

Joust Team Frederick by ScarletSpike  by ScarletSpike

Joust: Team Giant with story by AkityMH by AkityMH
Joust Contest Entry: Luck and Strength by Ravensaurs-Rex by Ravensaurs-Rex 

Joust: Team Famine by HayesAJones  By HayesAJones

David and Tyrac by Kiryu2012 by Kiryu2012

Joust: Team Gottrdammerung by Danzilla1996 by Danzilla1996

Attempted Joust Entry by BlakerOats  by BlakerOats  

Joust entry by Dinoboy134  by Dinoboy134

A New Joust Entrant by OperaGhost21  by OperaGhost21
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I so enjoy your Dinosaurs, Lizards aka Reptilian and Dragon monster like creations that caught my attention that I fave.

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Hey there :) (Smile) . I know that you probably get suggestions for new drawings all the time, but I have a source that I think you will be interested in. Its a book series by Marie Brenna, called The Memoirs of Lady Trent. Currents books released are A Natural History of Dragons, The Tropic of Serpents, and Voyage of the Basilisk, with a fourth and possibly fifth book on the way. The species listings are not as extensive as some other sources, but the ideas behind the different dragons are really cool. As of yet there are over a dozen different kinds of dragons in the books, and thought you might be interested in taking a look at these books, if you haven't already.
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How about you link me to your personal favorite, and I'll take a look at it?  I may not draw it, but if I like it enough I might take a shot at it when I get some time.
derpywolfmuffins Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright here's my Timelord dragon that I designed and the info for the species in in the description :)…
Emeralda-Misdeed Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Do you want to do another art trade?
Scatha-the-Worm Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Not for a while, no.  I'm pretty busy for the next couple weeks.
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