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Contest Entry-Sc'Tha by Scatha-the-Worm
Contest Entry-Sc'Tha
Added 5/12/15

An imaginative mind is a wonderful thing, until something evil wonders in.


Kids have weird dreams sometimes, no one can deny that.  I myself had one that involved a hotel lobby and stabbing people for shits.  That’s probably why his dreams were ignored, played off as an overactive and rich imagination.  Which was true, but you know, I can imagine some pretty cool crap but mine don’t come to life and eat people.

It didn’t eat people at first, no, but shadows slinking through the ocean under boats and green lights with no explanation just aren’t normal, ok?  Especially if some kid kept insisting that he had seen them in his dreams as other people were seeing it with their waking eyes.

Especially when, after a week of this, the thing he said he saw started strolling down main street Rome and blasting the architecture with goddamn laser eyes, I mean Jesus Christ what the fuck?  Green lasers that cut through stone like it wasn’t even solid.  Out of it’s crapping eyes.

That’s a little more than an overactive imagination, alright?

It wasn’t the kids fault, no, now come on.  I admit to having a few fantasies when I was a kid of turning into a dragon or some shit and burning down my school, but I probably wouldn’t have done it if I could have.  I’m not a psychopath!  And neither was the kid.  The creepy ocean dwelling bastard just used his dreams as a means of manifesting in this world as a solid being, one that could actually interact with us.  The kid apparently had some druid or sorcerer or elf blood in him, whatever.  I didn’t pay attention to that part, I was too busy trying to not die at the time.  Giant laser eye lizard-fish, ok?  Priorities.

So, anyway, the thing in the ocean could reach out to this kids mind and use them to construct itself a body, and of course it didn’t just want to have some tea and cookies and talk about the weather.  It wanted to take over the friggin’ world, because why the hell not, let’s be the most cliché monster ever.  Like goddamn, dude.

It got a snout full of tank fire after it started rampaging, but the asshole could adapt to being shot, the cheating crap.  It grew armor in better places, grew it thicker, and started moving faster so it was barely ever hit in the first place.  Like it put fuckin’ god mode on in a video game, the lame son of a bitch.

Of course, I, being pretty damn cool, asked the kid if he could remember anything that might help from his dreams.  He remembered that when it opened its mouth to eat people (and seriously, this kid is gonna need a really good shrink, dude) it gaped really wide and you could see right down it’s throat.  The insides of anything are tender, guys, it didn’t take a genius to think up the plan of shooting a missile right into it’s gob.  The problem was getting it to, you know, do that. 

But, the kid solved that.  He said if he could dream it up, he could try to dream it away again.  Which is kid logic, but you know.  Giant magic lizard-fish. 

We decided to go for it, and got someone who knew what they were doing to get the kid into one of those lucid dream type things.  You could see the exact moment the kid got the hang of making things happen, because the lizard-fish sorta started twitching. 

It was actually pretty funny, I took a video.

Eventually, the kid managed to make the thing open its mouth, though it was thrashing and you could tell it was fighting back.  Kids nose started bleeding like mad and some came out of his ears, too.  But that bastard opened his mouth and that missile went right into it’s throat and it blew up inside it. There’s still chunks of it everywhere.

There was a funky black fog that rose out of the corpse and sorta slithered back into the ocean, though.  I imagine parents are gonna listen to their kids more often when they tell them about their dreams.


And here is my entry for RenDragonClaw's What Giant Monster are You? Contest.  Based in the rolls I got for my username Scatha, as follows:

Type of Monster - Deep Sea Leviathan

Origin - Conjured from Dreams

Offensive Ability - Ocular Energy Blast

Secondary Ability - Reactive Adaption/Evolution

Achillies Heel -  Critical Singular Weakpoint

Motivation - Take Over the World

Location of first attack - Rome, Italy

Resistance to Weaponry - Elusive

Someone had to be first.

Sc'Tha, art, story (such as it is) (c) Me

HTTYD-Fireworm Queen by Scatha-the-Worm
HTTYD-Fireworm Queen
Added 4/27/15

The Fireworm Queen is very shiny.

Fireworm Queen (c) DreamWorks, Cressidia Cowell
Art (c) me
HTTYD-Thunderdrum again by Scatha-the-Worm
HTTYD-Thunderdrum again
Added 4/27/15

Since I didn't really do the Thunderdrum that well before, here it is again.  This one looks much better

Thunderdrum (c) DreamWorks, Cressidia Cowell
Art (c) me
Boreal Hound by Scatha-the-Worm
Boreal Hound
Added 4/24/15

Did not come out how I wanted at all, but you know.  It looks alright I suppose, and I'm tired of futzing with it so whatever.

Boeral Hound from Legend of Mana.  Woo.

Boreal Hound (c) Square Enix
Art (c) Me


Scatha-the-Worm's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a little antisocial, would rather read or draw than watch TV, and I like what I like and don't care if you like that or not.

And I like dragons and monsters. A lot.

Favourite genre of music: Don't have one. I like most anything.
Alright, who's up for another Jousting Tournament?  My grandmother has died and I had to put my cat to sleep.  I don't know if I'm up to doing this at this time.  Sorry everyone; I will leave this Journal and all the entries until I feel I can put my all into this.


:bulletblue: 1.  Each Jouster must provide an illustration of their Mount and their Jouster.  This can be as fancy and detailed as you like, OR it can be a simple stick figure and a silhouette.  This is needed for scale for both the mount and jouster.  If you do just draw a stick figure, please do provide a description of what they actually look like in as much detail as possible.  Encouraged but not necessary is a description of the Jousting teams background, personalities, things like that.

:bulletgreen: 2. Each Joust round is picked randomly from the contestant pool.  Every round the Mount and Jouster gets a pool of 100 points, and each round the other Jousters not involved in the current round have 5 points to spend either HURTING or HEALING the two contenders.  These may be spent anyway they wish.  After those points are tallied, the two Jousters in the round will go to a dice rolling site I will link to them, roll THREE times, then NOTE me the results.  These are the three "Runs".  The roll will determine who "Wins" the Run, and how many points they knock off their opponent. For example, if Mount A rolls a 10 and Mount B rolls a 15, B wins and A loses 5 points. These points will be subtracted from the 100 point pool, along with the results of the Hurt/Heal, and the Jouster who has the most points remaining wins the round.

:bulletred: 3.  There will be no whining if you lose, and no gloating if you win.  This is a contest for fun and will remain that way.

:bulletpurple: 4.  The overall winner will receive a picture of their Mount and Jouster with a background of their choosing, plus another picture of whatever they want.  Places 4 through 2 will receive a full color picture of their Mount and Jouster. Every Jouster will get a sketched B&W of their Mount and Jouster.

:bulletyellow: 5.  The Mount MUST BE a mythical creature from an actual, Earth mythology.  It doesn't have to look EXACTLY like any known picture of the thing, but it must be an actual creature.  Nothing from Star Wars or shit like that, alright?  It is encouraged but not necessary to provide a link to a wiki article or other such thing so we can all learn about neat monsters.  Cryptids are acceptable.

Alright, lets set it at a month from now to come up with your Mounts and then the Tourny starts!

Let's Joust!


Well if it's gonna do it on it's own I might as well take advantage.

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